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especially when they are trimmed properly

Winter is Coming

make sure to have limbs trimmed so they don't fall

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The Douglas County Courthouse Elm


Welcome to Limb Walker Tree Service, Inc., serving Winchester, Oregon and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team of skilled professionals provides expert of trees for homes, businesses and municipalities. We are a service oriented company dedicated to safety, educational development and the continuation of proper arboriculture practices in the Pacific Northwest.

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"Douglas County has utilized the services of Limb Walker Tree Services for several years now, to maintain the historic and iconic American Elm tree located in front of the County Couthouse, as well as provide tree services for all the Couty's tree service needs. Limb Wlaker's staff of trained professionals, including Certified Arborist, are a pleasure to work with, are highly skilled in their profession, and truly care about the services they provide. I would like to thank Jim, and all th staff at Limb Walker, for the professional and personalized service they provide the County. We love the service, and thank them all for the care they provide to our historic and irreplaceable Courthouse Elm tree."

~ Kevin Potter
Douglas County Building Facilities Director

“In 1995, we purchased an older historical estate home within the Roseburg city limits. The property also included a diverse mixture of mature vegetation, ranging from ornamental rhododenrons & azaleas to massive over a century old oak trees. We began working with Limb Walker Tree Service (LWTS) at that time, as much of the ornamental shrubs and trees had been neglected and were in need of attention. Over the past 19 years, LWTS has provided us with consisitent outstanding customer service! The work has included a range of professional certified arborists services, stump grinding, lot clearing, fungal treatment, and valuable advice. And, all the work has been accomplished with "safety first" work ethics. With LWTS's professional TLC services, the property has taken on an amazing transformation -- Wow!! We highly recommend LWTS to anyone!”

~ Anonymous


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