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Limb Walker Tree Service, Inc. is a full-service tree company that provides superior service. We take pride in providing the highest level of customer service and being known for our professionalism in everything we do. Our expert notoriety with trees and plant health care services ensures that your trees are in great hands. We have divided our tree services into two categories: tree division and fertilization so that we can better serve the needs of our customers. We provide a variety of tree services to our loyal and dedicted customers.


Pruning is the removal of parts of a plant such as, but not limited to, branches, buds, or roots. This is a horticultural and silviculural practice used by our tree experts.
Man with Gloves is Cutting Branches from Tree     —  Tree Service  in Roseburg, OR
Tree Cutting with Chainsaw     —  Tree Service  in Roseburg, OR

Tree Removal

Our team utilizes tree removal as a last resort. In the event that our team provides tree removal services, our team will access the situation to make sure this is the best course of action. Our expert team of arborists have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to remove trees efficiently and safely. Removal is performed when:
  • Replaced by a better suitable specimen
  • Considered a hazard
  • Causing any type of obstruction that cannot be corrected with pruning
  • Causing harm to other trees and crowding
  • New construction in a new area that requires removal
  • Dead or in the process of dying

Stump Grinding

Stumps can be hard to remove. Our team utilizes different techniques to make it easier to remove trees. Our team accesses the tree and determines the best course of action for removing a tree. Our team is always prepared ahead of time to ensure that the right technique and method are used to make the job easier.
Stump on Green Grass in the Garden.     —  Tree Service  in Roseburg, OR
Spraying the Leaves of Trees Against Pests with Chemicals     —  Tree Service  in Roseburg, OR

Pesticide Application

Limb Walker provides pest and disease control programs that treat a variety of tree and shrub problems you may be experiencing. We send out a certified and skilled arborist who will carefully examine, diagnose, and develop a treatment specifically for your plants and trees. Our team has the equipment, and skill to treat your trees and shrubs in an efficient and safe manner. Our professional team has a clear understanding and knowledge of tree diagnoses and identifications.

Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

Our professional team provides pest and disease control programs. We specialize in disease diagnosis and treatment programs to effectively treat tree and shrub problems. We have the proper equipment, technique and team to safely treat your trees and shrubs. Our certified arborists diagnose the issue and provide treatment options that are best for your trees and shrubs.
Diseases FROM Tree Crust —  Tree Service  in Roseburg, OR
View Under the Tree —  Tree Service  in Roseburg, OR

Cambium Injections

When an environment is growing and changing, this can cause an imbalance that causes trees to become stressed. Harmful insects and pathogens are attracted to stressed trees. Pathogens and insects can accelerate a tree's decline. Without the proper treatment, tree mortality occurs. There are numerous possible causes of tree imbalance that could affect your landscape. Our arborist with investigate the problem and are able to recognize and treat plant health problems with Cambium injections.

Soil Injections

Soil injections is a process that delivers pesticides or a chemical fertilizer into a tree through their root zone. The fine feeder of the roots absorb the material and deliver it upward to distribute throughout the canopy.
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