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Our Team's Mission: Tree Danger Removed, Beauty Retained.

Removal, trimming, stump grinding and more. We are ready to serve you.

We know you want to take the best care of your trees, but it can be confusing and even dangerous without a guide. That’s why we are here to serve you. Our team of ISA certified arborists and tree care experts are equipped with world class equipment and ongoing training to handle even the most difficult tree care or removals. Our aim is to guide you with the best knowledge through each trees journey from planting to pruning, fertilizing, disease and pest management and tree removal.

We know you care about the impact each tree has in our community and environment, so our team approaches each job with a professional, tailored approach to caring for the specific needs of your trees and property. We take tree care and removal seriously, so we have set our aim on providing you the safest, most timely and best services possible to steward the incredible resource trees are in our world. 

We are dedicated to preventing hazards and beautifying your property, one tree at a time.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
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Amazing! I asked them to take down 27 trees all near the house. Not only did they get them down, they stacked the logs and piled the brush. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much.
-Mark O

I was beyond impressed with Limb Walker Tree service!!! These guys were so professional, efficient, respectful, right from the very first person , Jim, who came and looked at the tree on my roof and gave me a written estimate , to the the guys that worked on the ground and roof and the crane operator. The communication between all these guys was impressive.. One guy on the ground signaling to the guy on the roof, who signaled to the crane operater… The whole operation went very quickly and also they cut the tree up in rounds faster than I could have imagined!. Thank you very much Limb Walker Tree service!
-Vicky H. 

Limbwalker has done several jobs on our property and always been very professional. Several friends have been spot on with their high recommendations for Limbwalker.
-Bob H.

Limb Walker Tree Service has helped me manage fallen trees on my property for the last 12 years. Today their crew removed brush piles and debris. They are ALL very hardworking, pleasant and respectful. I will continue to use their services as needed. I am grateful for the hard work they did today and would recommend them highly for all your tree service needs.
Nora K.

A tree fell on my house from the sudden storm yesterday. Limb Walkers were very quick to respond, very professional and took care of everything so quickly! They even cleaned off my driveway! I highly recommend them!
-Debbie H. 

With the snow storm we had they were very prompt in getting us taken care of. The crew of men they sent worked so hard. it was a lot of work. They are very pleasant and we are pleased with the cost. Thanks to all of you!
-Teresa O.

Would like to thank the crew at Limbwalker for cleaning up the storm damage mess at my house! Outstanding crew, very professional and down to business. I highly recommend you guys!!!
-Jerry W.

We were very impressed with Limb Walker Tree Service and their staff! They removed a very large tree that had fallen on our house during the snow storm. They responded right away and did everything they promised to do. Great job everyone!!
-Crystal U. 

quick, clean, professional, polite and safe. they removed 7 trees threatening our house, after the snow this year. safe removal was never in doubt.
well done, gentlemen
-Al G.

I’ve used these guys three times now, every time excellent work. But yesterday above and beyond. I can’t stop looking outside. Thank you again SO MUCH!!
-Carolyn H. 

We hired Limb Walker to take out some huge hazard trees. They are professional, courteous, fast and efficient! Highly recommended!
-Jane B.

Thank you Limb Walker Tree Service,Inc. for all the great work on the property. You have helped us out numerous times, including after snowmagedon !! And once again your great crew with Tony did another job well done!
-Karen & Gordon M. of Roseburg, OR

The Limb Walker crew came out on a cold, wet day and did a magnificent job trimming and pruning my maple and my apple trees. When they were done, they cleaned up any mess and left me with a wonder pile of apple tree bark mulch. I was not expecting my Apple trees to do much in the way of production this year since the pruning had to be fairly drastic, but they are looking more beautiful than they have ever looked, even the one that was left with one branch. My maples look beautiful as well. I am so very happy with the work done by Limb Walker Tree Service.

– Patti S. // Roseburg Oregon 
Services: Tree stump grinding, Tree trimming & pruning, Tree removal
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

We had 2 large dead fir trees in my horses pen and I was worried about them falling on his shed. I also wanted a couple of “bushy” firs taken down to open up the sun to my garden (after 20 years they had gotten very large). Jim came out and gave us the estimate and told me they would take down the dead trees in sections so as not to hurt the nearby firs (we have 7 acres and LOTS of trees) and that they could easily drop the other two trees for us. I was pleased by the estimate, the fallen trees were what I expected and although the sectioned trees were a bit more than I had imagined I believe the crew definitely earned their pay! (Especially since it was snow and snow showers that morning!) We opted to do all the clean up but the crew placed the trees just where they said so cleaning up around wasn’t difficult. These young gentlemen were all polite, friendly, efficient and concerned. They made sure they knew exactly what we wanted before they started and then got to work. And they showed up on time too! It was rather exciting to watch, from the precision drop of the large firs behind our house to the climbing/limbing and section dropping of the firs in the horse pen. I would definitely recommend Limb Walker and all their wonderful staff! Thank you Lucas for convincing me to take the chance (he was very convincing at the Umpqua Home and Garden Show).

Limb Walker works with website Chip Drop. I signed up for wood chips and received a load within a week. They were responsive and very polite. Pleasure working them. When I need tree trimming they will be the first that I call.
-Bill H.

Simply amazing! Trimmed a tree that another tree company said was untrimmable because it was too close to the power lines. 5 stars! I would recommend them with confidence to anyone looking for quality tree services.
-Deberah D.

The crew was exceptional! Did the work as requested and cleaned up after they were done. I would highly recommend Limb Walker tree service! We have used them 3X to date.
-Steve S.

Service: Tree removal
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsiveness
It was a pleasure doing business with Limb Walker. Friendly and professional staff, with great communication. The work crew did an excellent job. I was very pleased with the end result, and they did a great clean-up!
-Jo G. 

Service: Tree trimming & pruning
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue

I have been using Limb Walker for years. They have pruned both trees and fruit trees. I find them to be very professional, thorough, and courteous. They do a good job cleaning after their work. I would recommend this business.
Nancy M.

Service: Tree trimming & pruning
Positive: Professionalism

My experience was excellent! From the beginning to the completion of the project. I highly recommend Limb Walker Tree Service. I have been using their service for about 15 years and have never been disappointed with the quality of their work.
Deidre H.

Services: Tree trimming & pruningTree removal

The limb walker team arrived as scheduled, was courteous and respectful to us and our property. They removed all the debris and were knowledgeable regarding any questions we asked. We give them an A plus.
Carol J. 

Services: Tree trimming & pruningTree removal

I had them drop chips off at the house and they were incredibly responsive and polite. They were there when they said would be, and I will recommend Limb Walker in the future.
-Ryan P. 

Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue

The whole crew are just wonderful and Tyler and Tommy are not only great workers they have the souls of angels.. You just can’t beat Limbwalkers.
-Carolyn J. 

Services: Tree trimming & pruningTree removal

Very professional, they got our quote done and our appointment scheduled quickly. Guys showed up on time, we’re very professional and they got done exactly what we asked of them.
Cody K. 

Service: Tree removal
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue

I have used limb Walker tree service a number of times over the previous years and have always been very satisfied with their excellent service and work. I highly recommend them.
-Robert F.

Services: Tree trimming & pruningTree removalTree stump removalTree stump grinding
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue

Can’t recommend enough. They have one of the only certified arborists in the area and know what they’re talking about. Don’t waste your time with anyone else.
-Brandon D. 

Limb Walker Tree Service did an excellent job removing trees that threatened my house. And cleaned up afterwards. Great job!
-Norman C.

Services: Tree trimming & pruningTree removal
Positive: QualityResponsiveness

Great company great customer service, I have been using this company for 20 + years. Work was done on time and the clean up was great. highly recommend them.
-Wayne T.

Services: Tree stump grindingTree stump removalTree removalTree trimming & pruning
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue

Limb Walker did an excellent job, showed up on time and cleaned up after. I will use again. Thank you
-Clara G. 

Service: Tree trimming & pruning

They were professional, knew exactly what they were doing, and cleaned up our trees very nicely.
-Rebecca H.

Service: Tree trimming & pruning
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue

Professional, Courteous and very safety conscious. Removed two tall trees between our house and the neighbor’s house with stump grinding and clean up. less than 3 hours with NO ISSUES!!. Very Happy with Jim and his crew. The only tree service you need to call.
-Robert R. 

Services: Tree stump removalTree removalTree trimming & pruning
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsivenessValue

Well worth the $. Fast , Professional, did all the clean up. Easy to work with. All around a great team. Gets the job done! Very satisfied! Thank you 😊
-Sheila S. 

Great people
-Mark A.

The crew arrive at the appointed time and once we verified what was to be done the crew were quick and efficient. The crew was even nice enough to remove a few branches off another tree so I won’t have it scrapping my trailer when I pull in or out. I was truly amazed that the whole process downing the tree to disposing of the wood and cleanup took only and hour! They swept up all the tailing and asked if I was happy. Aside from be being fast and efficient the crew Tim, Tyler and please forgive me I can not remember the third mans name, they were friendly and professional in their work. I would recommend Limb Walker for any tree removal need you might have in the future. I am a very satisfied customer.
-David F.

I’m going to get right to the point. There are a lot of tree companies out there, and it can be frustrating trying to find a company that shows they care about your property as much as you do. Jim is a very skilled arborist who can evaluate your concerns and take that stress away. The great thing is that the company uses local Arborists. I feel better knowing that people in the community are making decisions for the community. Also, they do exceptional work, and I do like to support our local businesses.
Nick W.

While attending the recent Umpqua Valley Home and Garden show in Roseburg, I learned from Inna, that Limb Walker is under new ownership. I have never had a problem with the old owners, but there is a refreshing, positive and upbeat vibe with the new crew. With a lot of doom and gloom in the world, this mentality is very welcome. I had recently called Limb Walker to get put on their list for wood chips. Not only did I get plenty of chips delivered by their professional groundsmen, but I got a follow up call from Lucas asking how my experience was. I would certainly recommend Limb Walker under their ownership to anyone in Douglas County and beyond.
-John B. 

I would highly recommend Limb Walker Tree Service. The price was fair, their workers were very on task and professional. When they left it was like they had never been there. And believe me there was lots of debris everywhere. lol. (2) 100 ft trees taken down and the yard, the streets and roof were spotless. A big thanks for a job well done.
-JoAnn W. 

Working with Limb Walker was great! The guys on the crew were great to work and talk with! They did a great job in removing our dangerous, dead trees, and were so careful to not damage any fencing or buildings! I look forward to working with them again if we have any more trees that need dealt with in the future! 😊
-OUH Cai

One thing that stands out with Limb Walker is that they actually have certified arborists on staff. I have yet to find another Roseburg tree company with a certified arborist. For those of you like me who really care about your trees, this does make a big difference. It’s NOT just Joe with a beat up truck and chipper with some climbing gear. They use the latest technology of equipment and the guys are trained well. Jim, the consulting arborist is extremely knowledgeable and he cares therefore I recommend his advise to anyone.
-Stevie H. 

Everyone at Limb Walker Tree Service, Roseburg, OR, from Lucas in the front office, to Jim, the professional arborist/job estimator, to the staff that came out to work on the tree, they ALL did a phenomenal job!!! I live on a golf course with a small backyard. They had to manually maneuver their equipment from the front yard to the backyard in order to not go onto the golf course directly behind my home. The large cedar tree had a co-dominant leader trunk threatening the integrity of the main trunk and two homes. They took down the large extra trunk with exacting precision. They also trimmed back some branches away from the roofline and did so to make it look very natural and appealing. All trimmings were cleaned up meticulously and were immediately disposed of using a portable chipper. All areas around the chipper were cleaned up so well that you could hardly tell that they were ever in my yard. I would highly recommend Limb Walker Tree Service for any tree services that are needed.
-Pam G. 

We’ve used Limb Walker Tree Service to prune our fruit trees three years. Last fall we also had them prune some of our landscape trees. They are always on time and do a good job. We will use them again.
Sharon S.

Service: Tree trimming & pruning
Positive: ProfessionalismPunctualityQualityResponsiveness

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